HSE Policy

Swamina International Pvt Ltd shall Provide a safe healthy work plan and clean Environment for it’s employees, customers, visitors and community as a large and ensure that it’s services shall meet the specification in accordance with the applicable regulation .

In order to fulfill the above objectives Swamina International shall endeavor to :

  • Achieve best performance w.r.t safety, occupational health, environment, and quality by adopting National and International Standards for continual improvement and customer delight.
  • Take all necessary preventive and corrective measures for protecting the health and
    safety of all people working at or visiting our site.
  • Enhance safety, occupational health and environmental awareness among employees, stake holders, suppliers and public in general on a regular and continuous basis.
  • We ensure that all employees have a clear understanding of their responsibility along
    with that of the company as such all remained trained, equipped, and ready to meet any eventuality.
  • We plan, manage, conduct , and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation and best practices.
  • We will ensure the health and safety at work of all our people and any other people who may be affected by our work activities. We will comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation.
  • It is our intent to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving health and safety at work throughout our organisation.
  • We will lead industry by promoting best practice and exceeding the guidance of the Health and Safety Executive and other regulatory bodies.
  • This policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that health and safety at work is paramount to the business, and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our success.
  • Adequate resources will be provided to ensure all our people, the sub-contractors and stakeholders are aware of this policy and committed to its effective implementation.
  • There will be active open communication and consultation between all our people, the sub-contractors and stakeholders. Health and safety will be integrated into our communications, wherever appropriate.
  • We will only work with joint venture partners and clients who are willing to meet and achieve our health and safety expectations. We will engage and influence stakeholders to drive improvements in health and safety.
  • We will identify our workplace health and safety hazards.We will require our sub-contractors and stakeholders to identify health and safety hazards that may impact on our work activities.
  • All our people will be adequately instructed and trained on the health and safety issues that affect them, and the safe working practices that should be followed.
  • We will implement management systems to ensure we: 1.comply with health and safety legislation; 2.fulfill the requirements of BS8800 and OHSAS18001; and 3.continually improve our health and safety performance.
  • We will report and investigate accidents, incidents and near misses to drive improvement in our health and safety management. Any lessons learned from such events will be used to take corrective action to prevent recurrences.
  • We will actively and openly, review and report on our health and safety performance against published objectives and targets. Improvement plans will be developed to support the delivery of these objectives and targets.
  • We will take action to prevent, reduce or control occupational health risks to an acceptable level and reduce the potential for ill health, including assessing all our people’s fitness for work.

Quality Policy / Assurance

  • We are one of the renowned quality oriented organization and quality is our main aim towards which we are dedicated.
  • We ensure that the entire task done by us meet International Quality standard.

We follow certain quality guide line that includes :-

  • Project Review And Setup
  • Document Control
  • Purchasing And Material Control
  • Material Certification & Traceability
  • Process Controls
  • Inspection And Testing
  • Inspection, Measuring, And Test Equipment
  • Control Of Nonconforming Actions
  • Deliver the services as per specification / need of the client.
  • Consistent Quality Improvement.
  • Innovative and cost effective services.
  • Timely execution of services.
  • Audits, Records And Training