Renovation & Modernization

The skills of the Swamina’s are continuing to expand with new knowledge about materials behaviour and the techniques increasingly used in damage monitoring systems.

Swamina’s expert analytical skills combined with its range of Monitoring Equipment, Provide long-term health checks on your Gas and Steam Turbines, Transformers, Generators, Motors, Fans, Pumps, Coal Mills, Heat Exchange Surfaces, Valves and Compressors.

Swamina’s range of structural integrity services assures you safe and full economic life from components in your power plant.

  • Repair,Reconditioning,assembling,Installation and precomissioning of Reciprocating compressor.
  • Renovation and modification of steam turbine
  • Modification of associated Pipe line
  • Removal & Refixing of Rotor of GT 4 & GT 7 at CPP Plant
  • RENOVATION AND MORDERNIZATION OF 210 MW OF STG for the first time Under taken in India with Korean Engineers